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Birthdate:Mar 13
Location:United States of America
I'm an asexual neutrois who doesn't want to assimilate with straight people, unless the straight people and I have been friends in real life for a number of years. My interpretation of the universe is strictly based on the scientific method with an allowance for an apathetic supreme being (it's possible that an organism more powerful than all others exists, but if it does, then there's still no reason it should care about humans).

I don't believe in social constructionism.

Currently, I am building a Web site about the stage musical Starlight Express. I've found a service that can probably host it; now I need to finish those fanfics so the site will have more content upon its advent.

Interests (37):

angela carter, asexuality, assorted memoirs and nonfiction, beatnik literature, blackadder, blues, c.l. moore, classical, coding in html, doing research in libraries to stick it to google, edgar allen poe, fairy tales, finding new music, folk, german expressionism, glbt culture, going to voice recitals, h.p. lovecraft, james whale, jim steinman, mervyn peake, mst3k, nox arcana, opera, oscar wilde, reading, rictor norton, scary stories, science fiction, social democracy, stage musicals, steampunk, swing, taking walks, the environment, time squad, trains
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