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2011-03-09 06:15 pm

A belated resolution

Lately, I've been wondering whether I should mention my asexuality and/or gender-neutrality upon meeting people for the first time. A few of my close, long-time friends know about them, and I generally mention them whenever they seem to be relevant in online discussions. That said, my policy when meeting someone new was to allow the other person to assume I was one hundred percent female unless asked about it.

I have recently realized that such a practice may be more harmful than beneficial. If I maintain reticence about my asexuality and gender identity, then I'm doing nothing but reinforcing false assumptions. Fraternizing with the locals at the campus's LGBT Center is refreshing, since no one there assumes that you have a normative sexuality, but I need to do more.

The next person I meet for the first time will know that I am an asexual neutrois. This is my resolution for the year.